10 Hilarious Movies Like Superbad

Superbad, the hilarious 2007 coming-of-age comedy, has a special place in the hearts of moviegoers who appreciate raucous humor and relatable high school misadventures. If you’re one of the many fans who can’t get enough of its humor, memorable characters, and unforgettable escapades, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 10 hilarious movies like Superbad that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

Whether you’re into wild college antics, raunchy teenage misadventures, or witty high school comedies, we’ve got you covered. These films capture the essence of what made Superbad a cult classic. Let’s dive into the world of laughter and nostalgia with these fantastic movie recommendations.

Superbad (2007): A Comedy Classic That Redefined Teen Films

10 Movies like Superbad
Superbad movie poster

Director: Greg Mottola
Main Cast: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Runtime: 1h 53m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R (All Involving Teens | A Fantasy/Comic Violent Image | Strong Language | Drinking | Pervasive Crude Sexual Content | Some Drug Use)
IMDb Rating: 7.6 – Superbad IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $121.5M

Superbad, directed by Greg Mottola and produced by Judd Apatow and Shauna Robertson, is a comedy film that took the world by storm when it was released in 2007. This coming-of-age comedy follows the misadventures of two socially awkward high school friends, Seth (played by Jonah Hill) and Evan (played by Michael Cera), as they embark on a wild journey to secure alcohol for a party in the hopes of impressing their crushes.

At its core, Superbad is a classic coming-of-age story. It explores the challenges of growing up, the fear of change, and the bonds of friendship that are tested as high school graduation approaches. The film’s portrayal of the characters’ journeys towards self-discovery and maturity strikes a chord with audiences, making it not just a comedy but a heartfelt exploration of the transition from youth to adulthood.

Notable Cast Members and Memorable Scenes

One of the reasons Superbad gained instant recognition and acclaim is its ensemble cast. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera deliver unforgettable performances as the endearing and relatable Seth and Evan. Additionally, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who plays Fogell (or “McLovin”), became an iconic character in his own right.

Memorable scenes abound in Superbad. From the opening credits featuring crude yet amusing drawings in Seth’s notebook to the unforgettable moment when Fogell confidently presents his hilariously fake ID to a cashier, the film is packed with laugh-out-loud moments.

In the years since its release, Superbad has continued to resonate with audiences, finding new generations of fans who appreciate its timeless humor and universal themes. Its enduring popularity and cult status in the world of comedy make it a film that will be cherished for years to come.

10 Movies like Superbad (2007)

Here are 10 movies similar to Superbad that capture the same spirit and are guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Old School (2003)

Trailer for Old School

Director: Todd Phillips
Main Cast: Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrel
Runtime: 1h 28m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R (Nudity | Language | Some Strong Sexual Content)
IMDb Rating: 7.0 – Old School IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $74.6M

Where to watch Old School: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube, Vudu.

Old School takes us on a wild ride back to college life, just like Superbad. Starring Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, this comedy delivers on all fronts. The story revolves around three friends who decide to start a fraternity and relive their glory days.

Similar to Superbad, Old School explores themes of nostalgia and the hilarity that ensues when grown-ups try to act like teenagers. Expect outrageous parties, misadventures, and moments that will have you laughing out loud.

Blockers (2018)

Trailer for Blockers

Director: Kay Cannon
Main Cast: Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz
Runtime: 1h 42m
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Rating: R (Drug Content | Crude and Sexual Content | Language Throughout | Some Graphic Nudity | Teen Partying)
IMDb Rating: 6.2 – Blockers IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $59.8M

Where to watch Blockers: Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Apple TV, Vudu.

Blockers is a modern comedy that captures the essence of teenage antics, just like Superbad. The story follows three parents who discover their daughters’ pact to lose their virginity on prom night. What ensues is a hilarious and chaotic adventure as the parents try to prevent their kids from making a huge mistake.

With its teen-centric humor and coming-of-age themes, Blockers shares a lot in common with Superbad. The strong ensemble cast, including John Cena and Leslie Mann, adds to the film’s comedic charm.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Trailer for Dazed and Confused

Director: Richard Linklater
Main Cast: Jason London, Wiley Wiggins, Mathew McConaughey
Runtime: 1h 43m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R
IMDb Rating: 7.6 – Dazed and Confused IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $8.0M

Where to watch Dazed and Confused: Hulu, Youtube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video.

Dazed and Confused, a cult classic, offers a nostalgic journey back to high school in the ’70s. While Superbad is set in the present day, both films capture the spirit of youth and rebellion. Directed by Richard Linklater, this film features an ensemble cast of young actors, including Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck.

Much like Superbad, Dazed and Confused explores the dynamics of high school friendships and the crazy adventures that unfold during one unforgettable night. If you enjoyed the coming-of-age elements of Superbad, you’ll love this classic.

American Pie (1999)

Trailer for American Pie

Director: Paul Weitz, Chris Weitz
Main Cast: Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Runtime: 1h 35m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R (Drinking | Language | Crude Sexual Dialogue | Strong Sexuality)
IMDb Rating: 7.0 – American Pie IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $101.7M

Where to watch American Pie: Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Vudu.

American Pie, the first installment of a popular franchise, is synonymous with raunchy teenage humor. Like Superbad, this film explores the hilarious and often awkward experiences of teenagers. The story revolves around a group of friends who make a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.

Filled with iconic scenes and unforgettable characters, American Pie is a must-watch for Superbad fans. It’s a comedic rollercoaster that will have you in stitches from start to finish.

Easy A (2010)

Trailer for Easy A

Director: Will Gluck
Main Cast: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley
Runtime: 1h 32m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13 (Mature Thematic Elements | Language | Some Drug Material | Teen Sexuality)
IMDb Rating: 7.0 – Easy A IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $58.4M

Where to watch Easy A: Hulu, Youtube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video.

Easy A, starring Emma Stone, is a witty and clever high school comedy that offers a fresh perspective on teenage life, much like Superbad. The film centers on Olive, a high school student who pretends to be promiscuous to boost her social status. Her elaborate web of lies leads to hilarious situations and unexpected consequences.

With its smart humor and strong female lead, Easy A is the perfect choice for Superbad fans looking for a different take on the high school experience.

Take Me Home Tonight (2010)

Trailer for Take Me Home Tonight

Director: Michael Dowse
Main Cast: Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, Teresa Palmer
Runtime: 1h 37m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: R (Language | Drug Use | Sexual Content)
IMDb Rating: 6.3 – Take Me Home Tonight IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $6.9M

Where to watch Take Me Home Tonight: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Hulu, Youtube.

Take Me Home Tonight takes you on a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s, much like Superbad’s retro vibes. The film follows a group of friends who reunite for one epic night of partying. Starring Topher Grace, Anna Faris, and Dan Fogler, this comedy is filled with ’80s references and a killer retro soundtrack.

If you loved Superbad’s sense of nostalgia, Take Me Home Tonight will transport you to a time of big hair, neon colors, and unforgettable parties.

Booksmart (2019)

Trailer for Booksmart

Director: Olivia Wilde
Main Cast: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams
Runtime: 1h 42m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R (Language Throughout | Drug Use and Drinking | Strong Sexual Content)
IMDb Rating: 7.1 – Booksmart IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $22.7M

Where to watch Booksmart: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube, Vudu.

Booksmart is a modern coming-of-age comedy that celebrates the power of female friendship, similar to Superbad’s focus on bromance. The film follows two high-achieving best friends, Molly and Amy, who decide to have one epic night of partying before graduation.

With its witty dialogue and relatable characters, Booksmart offers a refreshing take on the teenage experience. If you enjoyed the camaraderie in Superbad, you’ll appreciate the bond between Molly and Amy.

Adventureland (2009)

Trailer for Adventureland

Director: Greg Mottola
Main Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds
Runtime: 1h 47m
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rating: R (Language | Drug Use | Sexual References)
IMDb Rating: 6.8 – Adventureland IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $16.0M

Where to watch Adventureland: Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Apple TV, Vudu.

Adventureland is a coming-of-age comedy set during the summer of 1987. The film follows James, a recent college graduate, who takes a job at a run-down amusement park. As he navigates the challenges of work and relationships, he experiences a summer he’ll never forget.

Like Superbad, Adventureland captures the essence of youth and self-discovery. It combines humor with moments of genuine emotion, making it a must-see for fans of Superbad’s heartfelt comedy.

21 Jump Street (2012)

Trailer for 21 Jump Street

Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Main Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube
Runtime: 1h 49m
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
Rating: R (Drug Material | Crude and Sexual Content | Pervasive Language | Some Violence | Teen Drinking)
IMDb Rating: 7.2 – 21 Jump Street IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $138.4M

Where to watch 21 Jump Street: Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Apple TV

21 Jump Street is a unique blend of action and comedy, much like Superbad’s adventuresome spirit. Starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the film follows two undercover cops who go back to high school to bust a drug ring. What they encounter is a hilarious mix of high school drama and crime-fighting antics.

If you enjoyed the buddy-cop humor in Superbad, 21 Jump Street offers a fresh take on the genre with a healthy dose of high-school humor.

Project X (2012)

Trailer for Project X

Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Main Cast: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown
Runtime: 1h 28m
Genres: Comedy
Rating: R (Pervasive Language | Crude Sexual Content Throughout | All Involving Teens | Nudity | Drinking | Reckless Behavior | Drugs | Mayhem)
IMDb Rating: 6.6 – Project X IMDb page
Box Office (Gross USA): $54.7M

Where to watch Project X: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube.

Project X is an epic party movie that takes the concept of teenage house parties to extreme levels, much like Superbad’s memorable party scenes. The film follows three high school friends who throw an outrageous party that quickly spirals out of control.

With its found footage style and chaotic humor, Project X is a wild ride from start to finish. If you loved Superbad’s party sequences, you’ll be in for a wilder, crazier experience with this film.


In this blog post, we’ve taken you on a journey through 10 movies like Superbad that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. From college shenanigans to raunchy teenage misadventures and clever high school comedies, these films capture the spirit of humor and nostalgia that made Superbad a classic.

Whether you’re looking for a classic coming-of-age story like Dazed and Confused or a modern take on the teenage experience like Booksmart, there’s something here for everyone. So, grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh out loud with these fantastic movie recommendations.

As you explore these films, remember to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe for more movie recommendations and entertainment insights. Happy watching!