Is the Sex we see in movies real or not? Here is the truth

How does movie sex stack up against real-life sex? This is what we are going to discuss today.

Since the beginning of the movie industry, we’ve seen these kinds of romantic movies with hot scenes on display.

A boy meets a girl. They fall in love. They ride off into the sunset together. And during the trip, the couple has passionate sex that soaks up the screen.

But how realistic are movie sex scenes compared to what people actually go through when they’re having intercourse in movies or in Pornofilme?

To figure out if there was any difference between real-life sex and the movie version of sex, we watched 50 films and talked to 2,000 people who had been in relationships for at least six months.

We conducted our own survey and discovered several key differences between movie sex and real-life sex.

Foreplay in movie sex scenes

We know that in the real world, fore­play can be a huge fun part of sexual experiences.

Most people reported that they engage in some form of foreplay before having intercourse every time they have sex, and most reported that their partners were happy about it.

However, characters in movies don’t appear to be so concerned with foreplay, because only 27% of the movies we watched included foreplay in their sex scenes.

Orgasm in movies

We’ve all seen that movie scene in When Harry met Sally. That scene when Meg Ryan faked an orgasm at a restaurant, much to everyone’s surprise and amusement.

And there are many more female actors faking orgasms in movies than actual women who orgasm when having sex in real life.

We actually discovered that 39% of films depict female characters having orgasms, while only 19% of female participants say that they have orgasms every single sexual encounter they’ve had in their lives.

Condom Use in sexual encounters in movies

Foreplay in films is unusual, and condom use is rarer still. Of the movies we watched, only 2% had scenes where condoms were used during sexual intercourse, whereas 20% of our survey participants reported having had intercourse while using condoms.

So is movie sex real when compared to real-life sex?

Overall, only four percent of study participants believed that movies accurately represent what real sexual encounters are like, and we’re worried about some of these discrepancies.

We’re concerned about the potential negative impact of this on women. Almost one quarter of women admit that they’ve never experienced orgasms during sex, which might lead to some sexual insecurities.

More than half of the movies analyzed showed couples climaxing simultaneously. What’s really going on here?

However, not every element of movie sex was unrealistic or fiction. Some elements of film sex are realistic and a good reflection of actual sexual encounters.

Men had sexual intercourse with their socks on in films 31% of the time, and 34% of men in the study confessed they do the same.

Also, 35% of both movie characters and people surveyed reported having sexual intercourse during the day.

Do actors have sex in movie scenes?

They don’t actually have real sexual intercourse, at least not in movies that get released to theaters

Because of the rating system set up for movies by the Motion Picture Association, films that depict real sexual acts can easily receive an NC-17 rating, which means they won’t be shown in most theatres.

Of course, NC-17 movies are still released for rental and DVD, and they may make a small amount of money, but still, it‘s not a large amount of money.

To simulate sex, actors employ various techniques to “act” as if they were having sex: pillowed bodies, prosthetic limbs, and light exercises to create an appearance of muscularity without actually doing anything physical.

But improvisation is always part of the game.

How do actors have sex in movie scenes?

Shooting intimate moments takes between 3–5 hours for a television show or short movie, but more than one day for a full-length feature film.

Directors will probably want to take three different shots of each scene in order to create the best version of the movie in the editing room.

All the preparation up until this moment is done specifically so that actors feel comfortable performing their lines and sex scenes again and again.

Actors use modesty garments in order to have sex in movie scenes

Full-length make-up or coverups can shield certain parts of the actor’s anatomy from the camera lens and prevent genital-to-genital contact, something that is strictly forbidden on set.

Shibues and hibues which are essentially strapless thongs are one of the more used forms of modesty patch.

They’re made from silicone and they look like real skin but don’t reveal any actors’ genitals.

They take a shibue, remove the top part, and place a silicon guard under it so everyone looks like a Barbie doll.

Baby oil is used to easily remove these stickers.

People with male genitalia might opt to wear a “sock” instead which looks like a skin-colored pouch that holds the penis and testicles.

Women who want to cover up their nipples can choose from a variety of options including nipple covers, pasties, and bandeaus.

Some actors wear knee or ankle pads because they’re comfortable and practical, but only if the blocking means that these padding items aren’t visible in the final cut.

Other props like pillows, blankets, yoga mats, and stress balls can be used to help actors feel comfortable during rehearsals.

Misconceptions About Movie Sex Scenes

Myth 1: The actors are actually having real sex. Fact: While the actors may appear to engage in explicit acts, they are not actually having real sex.

The scenes are carefully choreographed and shot using camera angles, editing techniques, and body doubles to create the illusion of intimacy.

Actors adhere to strict professional boundaries, and their safety and comfort on set are of utmost importance.

Myth 2: Sex scenes are easy for actors. Fact: Contrary to popular belief, filming sex scenes can be uncomfortable and challenging for actors.

They require careful coordination, trust, and vulnerability. Actors often go through multiple takes and spend long hours on set to perfect these scenes.

It’s a demanding aspect of their craft that requires professionalism and skill.

To conclude

Well, well, well, my dear reader! It looks like we’ve uncovered some interesting insights about the infamous “movie sex” scenes. And let me tell you, some of the things we discovered were quite surprising! Who knew that foreplay was so underrated in the world of cinema? Or that only a small percentage of films actually depict condom use during sex?

But fear not, my friends, not everything in movie sex is a complete lie. Apparently, quite a few actors enjoy keeping their socks on during the act, and some even like to get down and dirty in broad daylight. And let’s not forget about the inventive use of modesty garments to cover up all the naughty bits.

So, the big question remains: how accurate are movie sex scenes in comparison to real-life sex? Well, according to our research, not very accurate at all. In fact, only a tiny fraction of study participants believed that movies accurately portray real sexual encounters.

But hey, let’s not take ourselves too seriously here. We all know that movie sex is just a bit of harmless fun and entertainment. And who doesn’t love a steamy sex scene every now and then? Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt, folks. After all, we wouldn’t want to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves or our partners now, would we?