The Idiocy Vice
About the film

Idiots are everywhere. On TV. In the streets. In businesses, homes and even in the government. But what is idiocy?

Investigative reporter Blake Rockman is on a mission to get to the root of this problem. Is idiocy something that people are born with? Or does it develop over time? Is it contagious? And can anything be done to cure it?

The Idiocy Vice is a comedic, documentary-style look at the enigma of idiotic behaviour. During his investigation, Blake talks to sufferers of this unfortunate condition, and gets opinions from a panel of experts, including a world-renowned psychiatrist and a controversial chemical engineer.


The Idiocy Vice is a 34 min. comedy film that was shot in summer 2004, in and around Bournemouth, England.

We had an incredibly tight schedule and no money, but we managed to film everything we needed. We were aided by an enthusiastic cast and crew and a lot of people and businesses offered their services for free.

Post-production was completed at the start of 2006, and the film began its tour of the festival circuit.


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